The Brothers Bloom Synopsis

Rian Johnson has directed a total of 3 movies of which the first is entitled Brick. This article seeks to give the Brothers Bloom synopsis which is his second movie. In this second movie directed by Rian Johnson the brothers Stephen and Bloom are two people who have been conning others for their money since their early teens. Of the two brothers the oldest is Stephen and he is seen as the mastermind behind all of the plots of the Brothers Bloom. The plots that Stephen comes up with in the movie are both outlandish and very clever blurring the lines between reality and non reality. The second brother, Bloom, is very good at whatever roles his brother gives him when it comes to the crimes they commit but over the years he has come to be dependent on these roles in an emotional way. One day Bloom tells his brother that he is no longer interested in being a con man and is fleeing to a distant shore after their final job. This is until he runs into a mark that he falls in love with which threatens this last job.

In this Brothers Bloom synopsis the plot of the movie was described in enough detail to give the audience the general feel of the movie without giving away too many aspects of it though the Bloom Brothers Wiki may give you more information. When it comes to the Bloom Brothers wiki, you may not want to read this if you are a fan of a synopsis not giving away the entire story including the ending of the movie. There have been many reviews on this movie of which some where favorable and others less so but if you truly want to know if the movie is good then seeing it for yourself is the best way.

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