About Rinko Kikuchi

Rinko Kikuchi is a Japanese born actress who played alongside Adrien Brody, Rachael Weisz and Mark Ruffalo in the movie The Brothers Bloom which was directed by Rian Johnson. The movie has had mixed reviews but one thing that many reviews agree on is that the parts played by Rachael Weisz and Rinko Kikuchi are two to be remembered. In the movie Rinko Kikuchi plays the character Bang Bang who is a con artist that acts as an accomplice to the Brothers Bloom. In addition to this the character that she plays is almost completely quiet the whole film with little if any dialogue to speak of. The actress has been very highly regarded as the best supporting actress in this movie by many who have seen it because of the fact that she must use a host of facial gestures and glances just to get her message across in the film. She is rated highly for being able to hold her composure in the film while making her character memorable even though she says few words.

Rinko Kikuchi was born on January 6 1981 and her original name is actually Yuriko Kikuchi. An interesting aspect about her acting career is that she is the only living Japanese recipient of an Academy Award nomination in 50 years which makes her sort of a big deal in Japan as well as in America. She was born in Hanano City Minamigaoka and has starred in a number of Japanese films before her debut on the American acting scene including Sora no Ana which was shown at the Rotterdam Film Festival in 2004. In addition to this she has appeared in American movies such as Babel in 2006 which is a critically acclaimed movie. In this movie she played a deaf mute teen and because of this role she has won and been nominated for a host of prestigious awards.

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