About Rian Johnson

Rian Johnson is a relatively little known director who made his debut as a director with his first film entitled Brick which was made in 2008. The movie was made on a budget that was just cheaper than 500,000 dollars and it starred Joseph Gordon-Levitt. According to Rian Johnson this movie was based off of the books of Dashiell Hammett and that he used him as the inspiration for the unique language use in the movie. In addition to this the director claims that the movie’s purpose was to focus production in the opposite direction of making a genre piece though the movie is seen as a crime drama. The one of the most acclaimed movies that Rian Johnson has made in his career is the Brother’s Bloom movie that starred actors Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo. The Bloom Brothers movie was released in May of 2009 and has a soundtrack that is seen as one of the best by the director. This movie was also recently released on DVD format by none other than Summit Entertainment.

Rian Johnson has also done numerous other short films including the video of Woke Up New by the band the Mountain Goats. The Goats asked the director of the Brothers Bloom movie to do the video after watching his first movie Brick and seeing the directors name in the credits. The director confessed that he is a fan of the band and this further prompted the bandleader John Darniele to pursue him. In addition to this video Johnson made a high school video by the name of Ninja Ko and this is available on the DVD extras of his movie Brick. In addition to this he made a short silent film in college that is comparable to the work of Buster Keaton.

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