About Rachael Weisz

In the movie The Brothers Bloom the main characters Stephen and Bloom are con men who are trying to pull their last job before they quit all together. The movie was directed by Rian Johnson and stars Mark Ruffalo as Stephen and Adrien Brody as his brother Bloom (therefore the Bloom Brothers is not a way to say their last name but a way to identify Bloom). This movie involves the two brothers traveling to different countries in order to steal from a variety of well to do people of which one of these people is an heiress by the name of Penelope who is played by none other than Rachael Weisz. Of the many reviews that are available that reference this movie the New York Guides claims that Racheal Weisz is one of the reasons that the movie was any good at all. Though the actress is usually guileless in the Brothers Bloom she takes the role of the comedic relief.

Rachael Weisz has been seen in many movies including The Mummy and Constantine. She is a mother of one and has recently married Daniel Craig who plays the current role of James Bond. Rachael Weisz claims that when she saw the role of Penelope in The Brothers Bloom she knew it was one that she had been looking for. In order to play this role she had to be able to perform a host of activities and to learn how to do them in a relatively short period of time. Before she was cast Rachael had to learn to play a variety of musical instruments including the violin and the piano. In addition to this she also had to learn how to break dance and juggle all inside of two weeks. Though this was a very tall order for her somehow the actress found a way to learn all of these things and to play the role she feels she was destined for. This role was seen as a very nice sort of respite before the actress had to return to her normal roles in the drama genre.

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