Pop Culture

In the generation of fast information, news travels fast between the source and the receiver. Every important piece of news is set onto the internet and gets to be told, repeated, tweeted and shared throughout the planet, never missing anyone. Important facts never escape us and they are completely embedded in the popular culture of the world for decades to come. When the movie The Brothers Blood made it to the cinema, the whole of Hollywood opened its eyes and saw what is now considered as one of the top movies of 2008.

Popular culture represents the knowledge of everything that is related to modern culture and has an important impact on the world. Movies all form part of popular culture and each and every one of us hears when one movie or the actors of a movie are distinguished with prizes or are otherwise see as box-office flops.

Popular culture encompasses information that is varied and comes from many domains. .

Looking for The Brothers Bloom we can find a lot of references pointing to pop culture. This movie is constantly remembered as the film in which academy award winners Adrien Brody and Rachel Weisz gave a wonderful performance together, along with Mark Ruffalo and many other distinguished names in Hollywood and feature films.

It went down in popular culture as the movie which was made famous due to the two main actors. The beautiful Rachel Weisz is incomparable on the big screen and did a wonderful job as Penelope, and Adrien Brody - whom everyone remembers from his funny and emotional speech at the Oscars - as Bloom.

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