The Brothers Bloom Movie Reviews

The Brothers Bloom is a movie that was directed by Rian Johnson in which a con man is trying to devise one big con before he retires from the business. The Brothers Bloom stars a main character by the name of Steven who seduces an heiress, by the name of Penelope in the movie, into the smuggling operation that he runs which takes the couple to countries such as Greece, Mexico and Russia as well as the Czech Rebublic. The character of Steven is played by Mark Ruffalo and Penelope is played by Rachel Weisz.. Steven is also in competition with a rival partner by the name of Belgian, a character named Diamond Dog, and a Japan born character by the name of Bang Bang on his robbing adventure.

The various movie reviews of the Brothers Bloom have not all been favorable. In fact one of the movie reviews from the Los Angeles Times deems the movie as miscast and uninteresting throughout its duration. Another one of the various movie reviews of the Bloom Brothers movie says that it is a good con movie that operates on many levels. This Slash Film movie review also states that the film does good by making it multidimensional because it is both a tender romance and a quest the main character goes on to find himself. The movie is also stated to be one that has various hidden agendas and meanings. The people at Slash Films tell audiences that it may be in their best interest to see the movie twice in order to get the full scope of the meaning that is behind it. They also strongly recommend this second viewing especially if you like the movie the first time you watch it. Overall the brothers Bloom is a film that has resulted in mixed signals from viewers as some like it and some do not.

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