Meet The Brothers Bloom

The Brothers Bloom are played by to of Hollywood's most talented actors, Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo.


Played by Academy Award Winner, Adrien Brody. Essentially Bloom is the main character of this movie. He plays the youngest of the Bloom brothers. Although his first name is not mentioned. Bloom and his brother Stephen (Mark Ruffalo), are a couple of con men, the brothers pull scams on different millionaires. Bloom one day decides that he wants to get out of that life and gets convinced by Stephen that they will pull one last job together. His character comes off as a bit of an anti-hero, sad and yearning for a better life other than being a con artist. It is implied in the movie that he was molested by the brother's mentor, Diamond Dog (played by Maximilian Schell) who is now a great enemy and threat to the brothers. Brody, adds a great depth to the character and, some might say he is type casted as this type of character in movies, but he does it quite well. He was drawn to act on the movie after reading the script while on the set of his movie "The Darjeeling Limited" (Dir. Wes Anderson, 2007). He has stated that he was amazed by the subtlety and originality of the movie. He and Mark Ruffalo developed genuine rapport while filming the movie, this lead to their great on screen chemistry as the brothers.


Played by Academy Award Nominee, Mark Ruffalo. Stephen is the oldest brother Bloom. Since childhood he has taken care of his younger brother. The movie reveals that he was responsible to Diamond Dog losing his eye, this might have been in retaliation for the abuses Bloom might have suffered from Diamond Dog. Originally Ruffalo was considered for the role Bloom, but after Rian Johnson met with him and saw his personality he realized that Ruffalo was a better match for the role of Stephen, that role was vacant since Tom Cruise was unable to participate in the movie. This character was modeled after Robbie Robertson, member of the iconic 70's folk rock group "The Band". Through out the movie the audience is felt having ambivalent feelings towards Stephen, but his charm and intelligence sure make his character an appealing anti-hero. His sacrifice in the end shows the great deal of love he had for his younger brother, and his plans for the brothers are always to get the on the look for the perfect con.

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